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OpenKM is a tool to manage documents generated within a company, to improve access within the whole corporate environment and to endeavor to keep in check the unnecessary duplication of information.

OpenKM provides the solution to:

  • Control the growing volume of information to be managed
  • End the diversification of information storage sources
  • Prevent the duplication of information
  • Obtain valid information through the control of document versions
  • Reduce time and resources used in locating information
  • Avoid knowledge leaks or wrongful access by users, thereby complying with the obligations set out in the LOPD (Spanish Data Protection Law)
  • Restrict non-authorized users access to the information.

Through the OpenKM system, relevant and useful information can be accessed and found in the least possible time to resolve problems and make decisions.

OpenKM helps to improve corporation processes, integrating common tasks (and interrelated tasks) into one single tool and permitting the different departments of the organization controlled and supervised parametrizable access to the information.


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