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Operation icon: Add document.gif


  • Pop-up menu of folder tree.
  • Pop-up menu of document browser.
  • Main edit menu.
  • Toolbar.

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The option "Import documents from ZIP" allows you to import the contents of a zip file respecting the hierarchy of the folder tree. When the insert window appears on the screen, select the local folder clicking the button "Browse...". If you want to notify users that you have uploaded a new file by email, mark the checkbox "Notify users". Otherwise leave this option unchecked. You can notify to users or groups.

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To end, click "Send". Once the upload of the new document has finished, you can upload more documents with the option "Add another file".

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For large organizations with many users, advanced filtering can be enabled using the Profiles administration feature. It allows one to filter users and groups.

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Up to version 4 and above

Does not have advanced filters and sending to groups.

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