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OpenOffice Add-In

OpenOffice Add-In is compatible from OpenOffice version 3.2 and OpenKM repository 4.x

After installing OpenOffice Add-In, "OpenKM" appears as a new toolbar. It usually appears in the top-left of the OpenOffice window.

Okm user guide 086.jpeg

Details of the functions according to their icons:

  • Configuration 16.png → Add-in configuration
  • Add 16.png → Add new document
  • Edit 16.png → Document edit ( check-out )
  • Update 16.png → Upload modified document (check-in)
  • Cancel 16.png → Cancel document edit
  • Help 16.png → Help

Configure OpenKM Add-In

First you must select the OpenKM tool bar option to set your configuration values to access OpenKM from the client computer. If you've got the OpenKM Add-In already installed, this may not be needed.

Okm user guide 087.jpeg

When you set your configuration values, a folder called OpenKM is created in your user My documents folder. In this OpenKM folder, a configuration file called openkm.xml and another file called document.xml are created that the OpenKM Add-in uses to store some document editing information. You should not edit or delete these files.

Okm user guide 088.jpeg

Uploading a new file

Before you begin, make sure the file you wish to upload is a) saved to disk (or OpenKM with throw an error) and b) has the file name you wish it to have within the OpenKM repository otherwise you will have to go through the OpenKM web interface to change the filename (true up to at least OpenKM 5.0)). After clicking on the add new document button - Add 16.png, a folder tree window appears. You must select a folder within this window before you are allowed to upload the file.

Okm user guide 089.jpeg

Once you've found the correct folder, highlight it and click the Add Button, and the document will be uploaded to OpenKM. Once the process is complete a notification window will pop-up.

Okm user guide 091.jpeg

Edit an OpenKM document

After clicking on the Edit 16.png document edit button, a folder navigator will appear. You must navigate across folders and select a document that you want to edit.

Okm user guide 090.jpeg

When you've got some OpenKM document opened, the Update 16.png Upload modified document (check-in) and Cancel 16.png Cancel document edit toolbar options will be enabled.

  • To upload modified document, use the Update 16.png Upload modified document (check-in) toolbar button.
  • To cancel document editing, use the Cancel 16.png Cancel document edit toolbar button.

Nota advertencia.png After editing, your local document copy will be deleted to prevent user confusion.

Nota clasica.png OpenKM Open Office Add-in runs with OpenKM 5.x or higher.


Linux users must remember to install the following packages: