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Openkm Calendar feature that provides a full-sized, drag & drop calendar. Dinamically can manage tasks like create, move, change range among other options. There're available tree views, month, week and day view.

Description of different icon options

  • Edit.png → Edit

Default view

Month View is default view. In this view are show monthly task with several color in concordance with de % of task progress.

Okm user guide 505.png

Tooltip information

Click in task and will be show a popup which contains all task information. This operation is available in any view, month, week or day.

Month view:

Okm user guide 506.png

Week view

Okm user guide 507.png

Day view:

Okm user guide 5087.png


Simply cliking and dragging in calendar can create new tasks. Click & drag should be used to select a single day or range of days.

Nota clasica.png On week or day view is available to select a range of hours too

Okm user guide 509.png

Next will be shown a form. Fill fields to complete task creation.

Okm user guide 510.png

Nota clasica.png Create action is also available from week or day view. For do it simply show one of these views


To edit task click Edit.png edit icon. Will be shown a task form.

Nota clasica.png Only creator user can change all fields, assigned user only can edit status, and progress

Okm user guide 506.png

Owner can also dinamically - drag & drop - change date range from month and week view. Hour range also can be changed from week and day view.