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In the document properties tab of the properties panel, you can add and remove categories.

In order to optimise indexing and future information searches in the document management system, it is necessary to add categories that describe or identify the stored file.

Although the document parameterization system by property groups is superior with regards to capacity, these will continue to be maintained and will not disappear, as it is understood that in certain installations property groups will not be created and it is useful that parameterization by default categories is maintained.

Adding or deleting categories does not modify the document version.

Categories are a hierachical folder structure of folder and subfolders.

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Adding categories

Categories can be selected from the available categories folder structure.

Click on the Table key.gif categories icon and a popup will appear with available categories.

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Deleting categories

Click on the Delete.gif delete icon of a category and it'll be deleted from the document.

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