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In the upper section of the screen the document browser can be seen. The document browser allows you to view the list of documents and subfolders available on a specific node of the tree (Taxonomy).

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Basic functions with the mouse

  • Double-click with the left button on a folder to open the folder.
  • Double-click with the left button on a document to download the document.
  • Right-click and a pop-up menu will appear.
  • Drag & drop. By selecting a document or folder and keeping the left mouse button held down, you can move a document or folder to a node of the tree (Taxonomy).

Pop-up menu

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Description of the different options

  • Download.gif → Download document
  • Checkout.gif → Document edit ( check-out )
  • Checkin.gif → Upload modified document (check-in)
  • Cancel checkout.gif → Cancel document edit
  • Lock.gif → Lock document
  • Unlock.gif → Unlock document
  • Delete.gif → Move document to user’s Trash.
  • Rename.gif → Change the name of the selected folder or document.
  • Move folder.gif → Change the location of the folder or document selected to another place on the tree
  • Copy.gif → Duplicate the folder and its contents or another document to another place on the tree.
  • Add bookmark.gif → Add a folder or document to the bookmarks

Up to version 4.x and above

Previewing of images and videos is done in separate popup windows. From version 5.x and above, preview enhancement is integrated in only one panel for all document mime types. Play a multimedia file and Display images popup menu are only available in version 4.x and older.

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Description of the different options

  • Media preview.gif → Play a multimedia file: FLV, MP3, WAV, etc
  • Image viewer.gif → Display images without having to download them, type: GIF, JPG, PNG, etc