Extend the OpenKM features


OpenKM has a number of applications, which enable us from signing documents electronically to scan in PDF format.

Desktop Sync

This client allows to synchronize folders and files between OpenKM server and your local computer.

Its features are :

  • Automatically or manually synchronize OpenKM folders and the desktop of a personal computer.
  • Import folders from PC to OpenKM.
  • Available for Linux and Microsoft.

Microsoft Office Add-in

The Add-ins for Microsoft Office allow you to extend the functionality of the office suite, and interact with OpenKM quickly and efficiently.

  • Microsoft Outlook Add-in: massive importation of emails including attachments..
  • Microsoft Word Add-in: allows users to upload new files and edit existing files in OpenKM.
  • Microsoft Excel Add-in: users will be able edit the contents in the document management system files and upload them again.
  • Microsoft Power Point Add-in: allows editing of files and upload them to OpenKM.

Electronic Signature

The electronic signature are data within the document what helps on:

  • Identify the signer.
  • Ensure the integrity of the document.

The Electronic Signature client allows to sign ( electronic) documents created and managed into OpenKM.

Scanner Client

The Scanner client help on capture images from scanner, converting to PDF ( optional) and uploading documents to OpenKM with metadata values.

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