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Since 2005, OpenKM has excelled in the market for their document management standards and "Open Source" technologies. Because it is adapted to the needs of each of its customers and their problems in terms of document management in the company.

Here’s a little tour of what was, is and will OpenKM and its immersion in document management, whose aim is none other than you know us a little better.

How it all started?

In 2004, most of the OpenKM team worked as developers and project managers in a company specializing in new technologies and open source, and distributor of document management solutions of proprietary technology.

In those days, the cost of document management products could only be taken by big companies. After studying and analyzing various document managers at the time, born the idea of ​​developing a knowledge management system “Open Source” which by its nature, could be used by both large and small businesses, but without having to take a large investment in its acquisition.

It is in 2005 when the idea arises, which is becoming a reality with receipt of funds for development by the Spanish government through the National Program of Services Technologies for the Information Society. The first version of the product was released in January 2007: thus was born OpenKM (Open Knowledge Management)

That same year, after the close of our old company, we decide to invest in this product and launch our own. The illusion in this new adventure and experience in this type of application, enabled us to go to market and releasing new versions with new features. Continuous product development, proximity to customers and the response times were considered key factors in achieving a gap in the market.

Our first customers and consolidation

Appeared the first customers (both domestic and international) and dreams began to take shape. As of 2009, some large accounts trust our product and we started developing our network of partners.

Our effort is beginning to be recognized with such awards as the second best business project of IE Business School and as a better implementation of Portal Software “program essential for business.” We also received congratulations contacts and giants like Google and consultants like Gartner.

2011 and 2012 are the years of consolidation, the expansion of team, with professionals experienced in both the technical area like the commercial area. OpenKM expands its market to all continents and has customers in places as diverse as Japan, Latin America, Singapore and Australia. The application is translated into 35 languages ​​and recorded an average of 7,000 monthly downloads through the Web, reaching more than 4,000 installations worldwide.

Where we are headed?

In 2013, economic objectives are achieved needed to continue the project, maintaining the roadmap designed, the turnover of the previous year as well as the number of customers and partners is doubled.

Today, our desire is to continue building partnerships at all levels with our customers, partners and third-party applications that give us the ability to offer a comprehensive solution in any organizational environment, with the firm objective of achieving the best possible user experience.

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