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Bonitasoft Workflow connector - upload documents

Written by Paco Ávila on 24 November 2014

Bonita BPM is an open-source business process management and workflow suite created in 2001. Bonita can be applied for various projects requiring complex workflows like Supply Chain Management, e-Government, Human Resources, Contract management, etc. Bonita-OpenKM connectors feature, allow Bonita BPM to use OpenKM to save and retrieve documents.

In this first post about Bonita and OpenKM, explain how documents are uploaded to this platform.

How to configure OpenKM Connectors

Go to OpenKM in the connectors list. Select a connector. Click on Next.

Upload a document


Enter the following input parameters to upload a document.

Configure the server information and click on next.

Configure the document information and click on next.


Map the output of this connector to a variable in the process. Click on Finish.


You can see the loading process documents using this video-tutorial 

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