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Newsletter 29

Date: 2017-04-25

New OpenKM Community version 6.3.3 

We have improved the user interface. This new version provides a 2nd level cache, profiling tools and hibernate statistics, among other features. To have a look on all these changes, we recommend accessing the Changelog. For more information regarding the migration, please click here.

New OpenKM Community Installer

For more information, please click here. In the OpenKM Youtube Channel you will find "how to" videos about OpenKM Community Edition installation on Linux in english and spanish. And the OpenKM CE installation on Windows in english and spanish. We invite you to subcribe to our Channel to be accurately updated about the last OpenKM news.

New OpenKM Documentation for Community Edition 

Available here.

OpenKM source code migration to GitHub

The source code has been migrated from SourceForge to GitHub. Feel free to fork the project and contribute with improvements and fixes using pull requests.

OpenKM Gernan Video 

Thanks to our partner Intelict - OpenKM german website - for sharing the OpenKM video in german.

Firefox 52 no longer supports NPAPI

Since Firefox 52 there is no longer NPAPI support, which is required for Java applets. That's the reason why applets has been removed in favour of Websockets solution in OpenKM Professional.

OpenKM new corporative image

As part of the renovation process, OpenKM has updated the trademark and avatar. We hope you like it.

New OpenKM Professional extension for Joomla

OpenKM Professional users can enjoy the new Joomla Explorer 2.0.8. Discover the new update here.

New digital signature tool v2. 1-Pro 

Digital Signature Client allows to sign documents already stored in OpenKM. Available in the OpenKM Knowledge Center.

New HTML5 drag & drop feature

Users will be able to upload documentation directly to OpenKM from the computer. You will find here videos about this feature in english and spanish.

New SDK for .NET 2.5.0 released 

The new version 2.5.0 of SDK .NET is availalbe here. To have a look on all the changes we recommend accessing the Changelog.

New Microsoft addins for OpenKM Community Version

Now compatible with 2013 and 2016 versions. Available in the download section from OpenKM website, in english and spanish.

New OpenKM website in your language

We are more than happy to invite you to the following OpenKM websites:


Company: DIGITALIZA based in Paraguay.
Company: CRP SOFTWARE based in Panama.
Company: AKIRADATA based in Indonesia.
Company: AURORA SOFTWARE SERVICES based in India.
Company: INTEGRA CONSULTORES based in Spain.
Company: ADDOC based in Argentina.
Company: NOSTURI based in Spain.
Company: NTG-OPEN based in Italy.
Company: SBSOFTWARE based in Spain.

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