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Benefits of Electronic Records Management

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on 19 August 2022

Have you ever felt that your organization's document management strategy was more of a setback than a help? Managing business information, which comes from different sources, can become a challenge, especially regarding the security gaps it can pose.

Most companies today use Electronic Document and Records Management Systems - EDRMS - not only to locate their documents and records quickly but also to implement an effective document control and electronic records management policy.

In a previous article, we explained what records management software is. Because the concept of record presents different nuances, it all depends on the perspective you look with. In continental Europe, a document can be used as evidence or proof of some event. In countries with an Anglo-Saxon tradition, a file to acquire this quality must be declared a “record.” This means the document has reached its final stage and cannot be altered. In addition, the records management system assigns an identifier to the file, among other security properties that protect the authenticity. It all depends on the parameterization of the log management system.

As you might guess, the difference between a conventional document management system and a document management software that is also an electronic records management software is that it contains features that ensure strict regulatory compliance. Because when a document is declared a record, we already know its life cycle, treatment, security applied in all phases, etc. Broadly speaking, an organization can define and implement the document management policy it wants - as long as it does not go against any rule or law. When it comes to records, little discretion is left to the organization. In all probability, the creation, reception, maintenance, use, and final disposition, even the processes of incorporation and care of the information, are already stipulated in advance.

Faced with such responsibilities, it is essential to have a records management system that helps us fulfill our obligations.

Advantages of Electronic Records Management

Working with this type of content entails many responsibilities, but tangible benefits are also derived from compliance:

  • Greater legal certainty: in case of litigation or the need for a risk management system, record management guarantees the proper administration of documents-evidence of business activity. This benefit is extended to employees, clients, shareholders, and other interest groups.

  • Improved security: the electronic records management system includes the possibility of defining a detailed security policy, customizable at a granular level. This makes it possible for the security applied to the registry to be updated automatically, based on the management policy that the organization requires, as time passes and the life cycle phases of the records are fulfilled. The HIPAA law, or the Sarbanes Oxley Act, includes severe penalties in case of non-compliance. So does the data protection law at the national level or the EU GDPR.

  • Efficiency in regulatory and operational compliance: the advantages provided by records management are not limited to the legal security of the company. Exhaustive control of the document flow and records derives from a perceived improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of products and services.

  • Risk reduction: from the accidental destruction of records or the publication of critical information. Records management systems make it possible to define a management plan during a disaster. This shields the organization's viability while serious incidents are analyzed and dealt with.

Web Forms in Records Management

The forms have always allowed us to collect valuable information concisely by requesting the appropriate data. Forms are essential in many activities. HR departments manage requests of any kind: job applications, vacations, special permits, references, etc. To generate prospects in the commercial areas, collect customer opinions or suggestions. Taking requirements for the delivery of products or services. In reality, the occasions for using a form are practically endless.

And now, in the information age, instantaneous web forms are essential to keep in touch with our current and potential clients.

In this aspect, OpenKM, document management, and electronic records system have the necessary functionalities to allow this document's complete and secure control. Personal data is usually collected in them, apart from the requested information. OpenKM's records management software capabilities include classification charts, cataloging, inheritance protocols between documentary series (types of documents or files), and custom search engines. Also, final disposal protocols (what to do when a record has reached the final stage of its life. Destroy it? In that case, how? Keep it forever? In which case, how? Under what conditions? Who is responsible for the file? Because our clients or contacts can request access to their data, update it, revoke it, request its deletion... That is why having a reliable yet dynamic record management platform is so important.

With web forms, we facilitate incorporating information of commercial value in our databases. At the operational level, it is essential to work with such data as soon as possible; customers are increasingly willing to wait for less. With OpenKM, the reception of web forms can be automatically assigned to those responsible so that they can analyze the information received and act accordingly. The presence of other functionalities, such as automation, workflow, or optical character recognition, optimizes the treatment of forms. And obtaining reports in OpenKM facilitates strategic decision-making. OpenKM open-source technology makes it possible to connect web forms to software as desired. The user can fill in the form directly in OpenKM, or it can be integrated with another system, with our document manager as a receiver of the web forms. Our approach is aesthetically and technically customizable and does not present any barrier to integration with other applications.

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