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Installation guide

Installation Guide
Software and hardware requirements
OpenKM installation
Java installation
Download OpenKM
OpenKM configuration
Tomcat mail configuration
jBPM3 mail configuration
Application configuration
Configure Tomcat service
Tomcat native libraries
Several Tomcats in the same server
Changing OpenKM timeout session
Test OpenKM installation
Change default okmAdmin password
Create password validator
Notification and subscription messages
OpenKM authentication
Active Directory
Active Directory OpenKM 6.2
Active Directory OpenKM 5.1
Active Directory OpenKM 5.0
Active Directory OpenKM 4.1
Open Directory
Testing LDAP configuration
LDAP and Active Directory user examples
Repository configuration
Indexing configuration
Third-party software integration
Third-party software integration: Apache
Third-party software integration: Apache SSL and more
Third-party software integration: OCR
Third-party software integration: OCR Tesseract
Third-party software integration: OCR Cuneiform
Third-party software integration:
Third-party software integration: SWFTools
Third-party software integration: Antivirus
Third-party software integration: Acme CAD Converter
Repository backup
Backup with rsync
Backup with rdiff-backup
Backup with duplicity
Backup scripts
Backup restoring
Disaster recovering
Repository mirroring
WebDAV access
Property Groups
Property Groups definition
Debugging OpenKM
Error codes
Using OpenKM with other databases
MySQL-OpenKM 6.2
MySQL-OpenKM 5.0
MySQL-OpenKM 4.1
PostgreSQL-OpenKM 6.0
PostgreSQL-OpenKM 5.0
PostgreSQL-OpenKM 4.1
Other DBMS
Thesaurus full example
Automatic key extraction
Automatic key extraction full example
Creating automatic key extraction training files
Experimental features
Community extensions
Enable automation
OpenKM 5.x and older
Basic application knowledge with jboss
JBoss mail configuration
Configure JBoss service
Several JBoss in the same server
Several JBoss instances in the same server
Securing JBoss
Adding APR to JBoss
Debugging OpenKM with Jboss
Test OpenKM installation with jboss
OpenKM jboss Authentication
Central Authentication Service