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OpenKM uses Lucene that means can be installed on major DBMS. By default OpenKM community tested DBMS are MySQL and PostgreSQL. In the OpenKM comparison matrix can see other DBMS tested and supported in OpenKM Professional version.

Test in other DBMS

First you should know which is your hibernate dialect. For info about this take a look at Hibernate: SQL Dialects

To create the databases automatically configuring the hibernate.dialect and hibernate.hbm2ddl properties in OpenKM.cfg.


Once the tables are created, OpenKM will automatically change the hibernate.hbm2ddl property from create to none.

Nota clasica.png Is possible depending your DBMS should be needed to make some minimal optimization in source code. Refer to Developer Guide.

Nota advertencia.png This configuration property should be set before the database creation. Once the database has been initialized don't modify it because can damage your installation. If your OpenKM installation has been already configured with another database (default one is an embedded one called HSQL) you can't switch to another database simply changing this property.