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OpenKM error codes are composed of a OKM-XXX-YYY codification. First 3 digits indicates the origin and second three digits indicates the cause.

First three digits - Origin

OKM-001 Some problem getting folders to server.
OKM-002 Some problem getting documents to server.
OKM-003 Some problem in remote server session.
OKM-004 Some problem downloading document form server.
OKM-005 Some problem uploading document to server.
OKM-006 Some problem on server session.
OKM-007 Some problem on authentication.
OKM-008 Some problem making a search.
OKM-009 Some problem with property groups ( metadata ).
OKM-010 Some problem with notification service.
OKM-011 Some problem with bookmark.
OKM-012 Some problem with repository ( internal ).
OKM-013 Some problem into general utils service.
OKM-014 Some problem with authetication in admin mode.
OKM-015 Some problem with search in admin mode.
OKM-016 Some problem in remote session in admin mode.
OKM-017 Some problem with property groups ( metadata ) in admin mode.
OKM-018 Some problem in repository ( internal ) in admin mode.
OKM-019 Some problem getting folder in admin mode.
OKM-020 Some problem getting dashboard
OKM-021 Some problem getting workspace.
OKM-022 Some problem executing a workflow.
OKM-023 Some problem uploading a workflow in admin mode.
OKM-024 Some problem with mail service.
OKM-025 Some problem getting properties.
OKM-026 Some browser problem.
OKM-027 Some problem in contact.
OKM-028 Some problem in activity log.
OKM-029 Some wiki problem.
OKM-030 Some zoho problem.
OKM-031 Some forum problem.
OKM-032 Some database metadata problem.
OKM-033 Some Key value problem.
OKM-034 Some char problem.
OKM-035 Some google problem.
OKM-037 Some massive problem.
OKM-038 Some fast action problem.
OKM-039 Some openmeetings problem.

Second three digits - Cause by

001 Caused by repository.
002 Caused by item not found.
003 Caused by item not exist.
004 Caused by lock.
005 Caused by unlock.
006 Caused by general cause.
007 Caused by general cause.
008 Caused by GWT shell environment.
009 Caused by access denied.
010 Caused by unsupported mime type.
011 Caused by file size exceed.
012 Caused by no such group.
013 Caused by IO exception.
014 Caused by no such property.
015 Caused by path not found.
016 Caused by version.
017 Caused by session lost.
018 Caused by file not found.
019 Caused by parse exception.
020 Caused by invalid node type definition.
021 Caused by sql exception.
022 Caused by configuration problem.
023 Caused by quota exceed.
024 Caused by database problem.
025 Caused by principal adapter problem.
026 Caused by workflow problem.
027 Caused by document name problem.
028 Caused by number format problem.
029 Caused by login problem.
030 Caused by document problem.
031 Caused by eval problem.
032 Caused by virus problem.
033 Caused by conversion problem.
034 Caused by authentication problem.
035 Caused by google.
036 Caused by unsupported encoding problem.
037 Caused by malformed url problem.
038 Caused by zoho problem.
039 Caused by documen template problem.
040 Caused by template problem.
041 Caused by extension problem.
042 Caused by illegal access problem.
043 Caused by invocation target problem.
044 Caused by no such method problem.
045 Caused by user yet logged problem.
046 Caused by automation problem.
047 Caused by service problem.
048 Caused by user quote exceed problem.
049 Caused by Openmeetings problem.
050 Caused by messaging problem.