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Here are some tips on OS X Open Directory:

  • Create user: dscl . -create /Users/openkm
  • Assign shell: dscl . -create /Users/openkm UserShell /bin/bash
  • Assign user name: dscl . -create /Users/openkm RealName "OpenKM user"
  • Search UID: dscl . -search /Users uid 503
  • Assign UID: dscl . -create /Users/openkm UniqueID 503
  • Assign user home: dscl . -create /Users/openkm NFSHomeDirectory /opt/openkm
  • Assign password: dscl . -passwd /Users/openkm xxxxxx

More on OpenDirectory and the dscl Tool at Introduction to Porting UNIX/Linux Applications to Mac OS X.

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