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Once you have logged into OpenKM you can see the application desktop. At the bottom-left you can see a red-and-white message which means that you have logged in as the administrator user and you must take care of your actions because can destroy the repository.

Okm user guide 003.jpeg

In the upper-right of the screen there is a tab called "Administration". This tab will be shown only if you log into OpenKM as the administration user. Click on this tab and you will see the OpenKM administration.

To manage users, click on Users icon.

Okm user guide 138.jpeg

You'll see user list.

Okm admin 46.jpeg

To modify the default okmAdmin password you have to click on edit icon. Here you can see the details of the user modification form:

Okm admin 029.jpeg

Here you can set an email and change the default password. Specify the new password and keep it in a secured media.

Nota advertencia.png Be careful and don't delete the ROLE_ADMIN or ROLE_USER or disable the okmAdmin user because you won't be able to manage OpenKM.