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Nota clasica.png If you're interested in use OpenKM API we suggest to take a look at ours SDK's and take advantage of already usable libraries which connect to webservices API.

OpenKM has a complete API exposed via Webservices. This means you can call any of these API methods from any programming language which supports the SOAP protocol, like Java, PHP or Python among others. This feature makes it possible to create a custom client, or integrate with third-party applications like a CRM or a CMS.

Nota idea.png OpenKM 6.2 WSDL follow document / literal style. To learn more visit Which style of WSDL should I use?.

These are the WSDL available:

Nota clasica.png In OpenKM 6.2 webservices are listed at http://localhost:8080/OpenKM/services.

OKM Webservices API

Nota clasica.png Since OpenKM Professional 6.2.23 and OpenKM Community 6.2.6 you can use MTOM. Read [Enabling MTOM support in JAX-WS bindings] for more info. See also Webservices Changelog.

Nota clasica.png If you like Python, try the django-openkm project: A Python/Django client library for interaction with the OpenKM web services API. Integrates into the Django admin. OpenKM is an open-source, Java document management system with Lucene search built-in.

Sample clients