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UIMenuConstant class defines contants to be used in OpenKM extensions to identify some menus where add own menu extensions.

If menu location is not defined in extension, by default is set value NEW_MENU location. That means it'll be created as new menu into main menu desktop view.


How adding new submenu in default tools menu:

public class SubMenuMessage {
	private MenuItemExtension messageMenu;
	private MenuBarExtension subMenuMessage;
	private MenuItemExtension sendNewMessage;
	 * SubMenuMessage
	public SubMenuMessage() {
		// All menu items
		sendNewMessage = new MenuItemExtension("img/icon/actions/new_message.png", "New message", sendMessage);
		// Principal submenu
		subMenuMessage = new MenuBarExtension();
		messageMenu = new MenuItemExtension("img/icon/actions/message.png", "Message", subMenuMessage);

	 * @return
	public MenuItemExtension getMenu() {
		return messageMenu;
	 * option1Action
	Command sendMessage = new Command() {
		public void execute() {
			Window.alert("some action");