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Nota clasica.png Translations are manager by the my own skins/MonoBook.php MOD. If you want to translate a page to LANG, click on the LANG flag from the Translation left menu. If the flag icon still does not exists, please send an email to Wiki Administrator.

Every translate page should be named as the original english plus adding the "/xx-xx" (see RFC5646) string in the name. You can use the wiki "move" option to rename these pages. Take a look at the spanish or brazillian translations to see an example.

If you want to duplicate a page, edit the first one to get access to the page source, copy this content (don't modify this original page content), create a new page an paste it. To create a new page, simple type the name of the page in the "search" input and click on "Go" button. The resulting page has an option to create this missing page, in case of this page does not already exists.

About the links in the page, they should follow the same rule. If the translate page has a link called "Accesso al sistema" it should be written as:

[[System access/it-it|Accesso al sistema]]


How can I change the page title from "System access/it-it" to "Accesso al sistema"?

Put on the top of the page this tag: {{DISPLAYTITLE:Accesso al sistema}}