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Administration Template Creation Flow

This is the missing document from Administration, you need to be the administrator to create the Property Groups (the initial one anyway).

1. Create Template Document as described in Creating_templates

2. Modify the Property Group Meta file to match template. Some information is at Property_Groups_definition

  At this time, you can not change the default PropertyGroups.cnd Path or file name to send to the server. 
  You will need to modify the original file and send(if you have not already sent it). 

2a. Create Property Group XML file to match template in order for your property groups to show up and be active.

2b. Get DTD if needed/recommended for your server version (included in most). The proposal below uses Property Groups 2.0 DTD on server 5.1

3. Copy the cnd and xml to the root folder of your OpenKM server (there is no proper browse to upload as of Version 5.1.8)

4. Login as the OpenKM Administrator

5. Go to Administration->Property Groups (scissor and triangle icon)

Property Group Icon
Upload Template
Create New File From Template
Unregistered Property Groups
OpenOffice Proposal Screenshot
Registered Property Groups
Assign Property Group Button
Assign Property Group

WARNING about not removing definitions

6. Send the Property Group Definition (.cnd)

7. Check that definitions are correct

8. Upload template file

9. Assign Property Group to Template

10. Test by creating new document

Generic Proposal Template Creation Flow

This is a simple proposal template that will generate a pdf proposal that you can use and modify. It has the defined property group class of: okp:proposal (It makes sense to keep your classes well assigned. This is the administrative process flow to install and set up a usable working template.