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I recommend you to work with the last development source from the 5.1 branch:

Once you make the modifications, you should generate a patch related to the project (not workspace) and send it to me. And follow these rules:

  • Don't sent the modified source files, only the patch.
  • If the patch involves several files, generate only a patch with all these changes.
  • Every modification should be in a different patch. I mean, don't mix different several improvements in the same one.
  • If two modification affect to a same file, wait until the first patch is accepted to generate the second one. If the first patch is not accepted or accepted but with modifications, will be harder to apply your second patch which is based in different source.

I will review your modifications and if all is fine will be included in the branch source code. These changes will be available in the next OpenKM release and in the night build from, so you can also verify the applied patch and use this source base to generate the next patch, if you want to contibute