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Repository view enables total access to the repository to the administrator without limits. You have to be careful with operations that are performed here. It's not recomemded to make changes directly on nodes except in exceptional cases.

In the repository root there're seven nodes:

  • jcr:system
  • okm:root
  • okm:home
  • okm:templates
  • okm:thesaurus (from OpenKM 5.0)
  • okm:categories (from OpenKM 5.0)
  • okm:config

Okm admin 005.jpeg


These are system parameters. Nodes starting with "okm:" are OpenKM configuration parameters the rest are jackrabbit. It's not recomended to make any change to these configurations.

Okm admin 006.jpeg => Okm admin 007.jpeg


Here there's the taxonomy folders and documents. Here you can chang user operations like lock, unlock, etc...

Okm admin 009.jpeg


Here there's the user preferences, looking for user documents, personal trash, mails, queries and bookmarks. In the node okm:PersonalDocuments are stored the user documents and in okm:trash the user personal trash.

Okm admin 010.jpeg


  • okm:templates there's templates folder and document structure.
  • okm:thesaurus there's the thesarus folder structure.
  • okm:categories there's the categories folder structure.
  • okm:config there's information about OpenKM version, and UUID of the installaion.