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In Logged_users there's available option Message queue

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In message queu list it's shown the messages. Messages could be Permanent or Temporal. Permanent messages should be used to advice in time for some event, for example a scheduled maintenance of application several days before starting. Temporal messages should be used to advice connected users, for example logout in 5 minutes action.

If Show option is not checked - default - when user receives some notification, only will be shown on top left the new notification icon Warning.gif otherside if shown option is selected, automatically when user receives new notification the popup is shown.

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At top right there're two available options Create message and Reload.

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Reload option will refreshing message queue list. Temporal messages will be automatically deleted.

Create message

Selecting this option can add new message to queu.

  • Action indicates if must be automatically executed some action associated to message.
  • Type indicates if message is Temporal or Permanent.
  • Show indicates if must be shown automatically the popup from end user UI.

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Edit message

Click on edit icon Edit.png will be shown edit message view. Change the values and click on Send button.

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Delete message

Click on delete icon Delete.png will be shown delete message view. Click on Send button to delete the message.

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