Knowledge:Migration from 6.2.5 to 6.2.6

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  • Make a backup!!!
  • Go to Administration > Database Query and execute these SQL sentences:
UPDATE OKM_CRON_TAB SET CT_NAME='Dashboard Activity Purge' WHERE CT_NAME='DashboardActivityPurge';
UPDATE OKM_CRON_TAB SET CT_NAME='User Items Serialize' WHERE CT_NAME='UserItemsSerialize';
UPDATE OKM_CRON_TAB SET CT_NAME='User Mail Importer' WHERE CT_NAME='UserMailImporter';
UPDATE OKM_CRON_TAB SET CT_NAME='Text Extractor Worker' WHERE CT_NAME='TextExtractorWorker';
UPDATE OKM_CRON_TAB SET CT_NAME='Repository Info' WHERE CT_NAME='RepositoryInfo';
UPDATE OKM_CRON_TAB SET CT_NAME='Session Watchdog' WHERE CT_NAME='SessionWatchdog';
UPDATE OKM_CRON_TAB SET CT_NAME='Datastore Garbage Collector' WHERE CT_NAME='DataStoreGarbageCollector';
  • Stop Tomcat
  • Edit OpenKM.cfg and set hibernate.hbm2ddl to update
  • Replace the OpenKM.war
  • Review file descriptor limit and, eventually, increase it.
  • Start Tomcat again
  • Check for database errors:
$ grep "ERROR .*hbm2ddl" $TOMCAT_HOME/logs/catalina.log
  • Go to Administration > Database Query and execute these SQL sentences:
update OKM_MIME_TYPE set MT_DESCRIPTION='Shell Script' where MT_NAME='application/x-shellscript';
update OKM_MIME_TYPE set MT_DESCRIPTION='BeanShell' where MT_NAME='application/x-bsh';
  • Enjoy OpenKM 6.2.6!

If you have any weird problem try to stop Tomcat, delete these folders:

  • $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/OpenKM
  • $TOMCAT_HOME/work/Catalina/localhost

And start Tomcat again.

Nota clasica.png Recommended to clear browser cache (prevents "The response could not be deserialized" errors) and Java Plugin cache