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You can get a free copy of JBoss Developer Studio from http://www.jboss.com/products/devstudio/. Once registered you can download the program compiled for your preferred Operating System.

In order to install Maven and Subversion integration, go to Help > Install New Software... and select:

"JBoss Developer Studio 4.0 Extras - https://devstudio.jboss.com/updates/4.0/extras/"

Open "JBoss Selected Features" and select

  • Maven Integration
  • Subclipse

Once selected, click on the Next button and follow the installation wizard until finished. In the last step JBoss Studio need to be restarted.

When you import a Subversion project, you will see this dialog:

JBoss Developer Subversion Import.png

The first time you will need to install the Subversion connector from the m2e Marketplace. Go to the m2e Team providers group and select m2e-subclipse. After that, click on the Finish button.