JBPM installation

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Nota advertencia.png This article is deprecated, please go to Workflow Guide.

First of all, you need the jBPM libraries installed in your system. There is an installer available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/jbpm/files/. You should download the jBPM-3.3.1.GA version. After that, you can run the install process:

$ java -jar jbpm-installer-3.3.1.GA.jar

You have to select a destination path where the library will be installed:

Jbpm install 01.jpg
Jbpm install 02.jpg

And can only select the minimun requirements to install, because we only need the jBPM library:

Jbpm install 03.jpg
Jbpm install 04.jpg

When finished, the libraries needed to implement workflows are copied at /home/openkm/jbpm-3.3.1.GA. Remember this path because you need to tell to Eclipse where these libraries are located.

Jbpm install 05.jpg
Jbpm install 06.jpg