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Folder Style allows to change folder style icon.


OpenKM take in consideration Folder style icon in concordance of folder status. For each folder status can be set a distinct icon.

There's a special Folder Style called "Default" which can not be deleted or renamed. This Folder Style is used by deafult for all folders in UI which does not have assigned any Folder Style.

Nota clasica.png Folder Style assigned to a folder can be changed by user or automatically by some OpenKM logic.

Nota advertencia.png Important the size of the icon should be 16p x 16px to be shown correctly form OpenKM UI.

Available folder status:

  • Read-only with children icon
  • Read-only with subscription icon
  • Read-only with children and subscription icon
  • Read-write icon
  • Read-write with children icon
  • Read-write with subscription icon
  • Read-write with children and subscription icon


Folder Style administration option.

Okm admin 085.png

Okm admin 086.png

Then click on the Add.png new folder style icon

Okm admin 087.png

Fill the form and click create button.

Okm admin 088.png

Nota clasica.png A new folder style has been created with empty icons. Meanwhile all icons will not be set, the new folder style will not be available from UI.

Then click on the Add.png create icon until all icons will be set.

Okm admin 089.png

Nota clasica.png The checkbox Copy to all icons can be used to set this icon for all icon status

Okm admin 090.png

Finally click on done button.

Okm admin 091.png


Click on the Clone.png clone icon

Okm admin 092.png

Nota advertencia.png Remember is not allowed to have two Folder Style with same name

Click on clone button.

Okm admin 093.png

Finaly click on done button.


Click on the Edit.png edit icon

Okm admin 086.png

Change all icons as you wish.

Okm admin 094.png

Finally click on done button.


Click on the Delete.gif delete icon

Okm admin 086.png

Okm admin 095.png

Finally click on delete button.

Okm admin 096.png