Eclipse plugin: Installation

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Nota advertencia.png This article is deprecated, please go to Workflow Guide.

First of all, download Eclipse Galileo from Get the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers version. Once you have installed the application, start it and will install the jBPM designed.

Nota clasica.png A more recent Eclipse called Helios has been released. You can download it from

Go to Help → Install New Software... Add a new site with this location

Jbpm eclipse install 01.jpg

Now select jBPM jPDL Tools from the list and click on Next button.

Jbpm eclipse install 02.jpg

Eclipse should be restarted to finalize the plugin installation.

Jbpm eclipse install 03.jpg

Eclipse Helios & JBoss Tools 3.2

Recently the packages have been refactorized and is located at All JBoss Tools 3.2.0 > jBPM 3 Tools Runtime.

Eclipse Indigo & JBoss Tools 3.3

If you use Eclipse Indigo, follow instructions from JBoss Tools 3.3 Installation From Update Site. You have two available software sites:

The jBPM Graphical Editor is located in the SOA Tooling source. Once registered the site, check the option at All JBoss Tools - SOA Tooling 3.3 > jBPM 3 Tools Runtime.