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You can download a document from OpenKM using a command line utility like wget. Since OpenKM 6.2.1 Community and OpenKM 6.2.5 Professional there is a service with BASIC authentication for this task. You can reference a document by UUID using the uuid parameter or by path, using the path parameter. In the same URL you need to specify the user and password. A good practice is configure the user profile disallowing anything.

Available parameters:

  • uuid: the document UUID
  • path: the document path
  • inline: boolean. If the document is downloaded as attachment or shown inline.



This ease some integration tasks:

 $ wget http://okmAdmin:admin@localhost:8080/OpenKM/Download?uuid=xxx-yyy-zzz

Nota clasica.png If you use parameter path, ia good practice encode url to prevent problems with special characters