Creating Text templates

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For this kind of template will create an HTML one. This is the template source code:

    <h1>Sample template</h1>
        <td><b>Bird Date</b></td>

The tags ${okp_tpl_name!}, ${okp_tpl_bird_date!} and ${okp_tpl_language!} will be replaced by the user input values. An error will occur and abort the template processing if you try to access a missing variable, but the ! operator handles this situation. In addition, you can put a default value in case of a mission one with this expression:

 ${missing_value!"The default one"}

The result is a PDF conversion of the HTML template with the client input requested by OpenKM.

Data format

OpenKM uses FreeMarker inside, so you can take advantage of the FreeMarker formatting flexibilities. For example you can set date format by this way:


Learn more about FreeMarker formatting at Built-in Reference.