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In configuration view, an administrator can see the parameters that have been loaded during OpenKM start up. This has special interest when something has been changed in OpenKM.cfg, to see if really the parameters have been loaded correctly during the start up sequence.

Aditional features:

  • Filtering
  • Edit.png Edit parameters
  • Delete.png Delete parameters
  • Check.png Check
  • Export.png Export configuration
  • Import configuration
  • Tenant configuration

User guide 520.png


Add some text in Property input field and click on Filter button.

User guide 522.png

Edit parameters

Click on Edit.png edit icon.

User guide 524.png

Change configuration parameter.

User guide 525.png

Finally click on Edit button.

Edit parameters

Clinck on Delete.png delete icon icon.

User guide 526.png

Confirm deletion, click on Delete button.

User guide 527.png

Check preview configuration

Click on Check.png Check icon and is shown the check previsualitzation configuration results.

User guide 521.png

Import configuration

Go bottom page, select configuration parameters sql file and click Import button.

User guide 523.png

Tenant configuration

In case OpenKM has enabled tenant configuration there's a top right Tenant configuration button.

User guide 528.png

Click tenant configuration button.

User guide 529.png

Here can be defined own tenant configuration properties what will overlap default. For example application.url parameter for each tenant.