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Relation Types

In Relation Types view, an administrator can define the different relations that can be set between folders, documents, mails and records.


  • Add.png → Create new relation type
  • Edit.png → Edit an existing relation type
  • Delete.png → Delete a relation type

In relation types view, you can view the relation types that have been defined:

Relation list.png

Creating a new relation type

To create a new relation type click on the Add.png create new relation type icon. There are three types of relations that you can define:

  • Bidirectional: This relation indicates the equivalence between the objects that belong to it.
Relation bidirectional.png
  • Parent / Child: Defines a belonging relationship.
Relation parentchild.png
  • Many to many: This relation defines a group relationship.
Relation many.png

Editing an existing relation type

To edit an existing relation type click on the Edit.png:

Relation edit.png

Deleting an existing relation type

To delete an existing relation type click on the Delete.png:

Relation delete.png