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Macros allows users to simplify repetitive operations in one click. Operations are defined in configuration parameters. When OpenKM detects macro is available in some folder, document or mail automatically the macro button is enabled and user with one click executes the operation.

  • Fast action.png → Execute macro

Enable macros

See Community extensions section how to enable macros in your OpenKM.


In macro.actions property can define the actions.

For example move any subfolder into origin folder to destination folder will be defined as [origin_path,destiantion_path] as can see in next image. The

Fastaction 001.png


The images example covers move a document from /okm:root/origin to /okm:root/destination.

Property macro.actions value is /okm:root/origin,/okm:root/destination

The file /okm:root/origin/test/invoice-1023.odt is into folder /okm:root/origin and has fast action button enabled

Fastaction 002.png

After executing macro the file /okm:root/origin/test/invoice-1023.odt has been moved to /okm:root/destination/test/invoice-1023.odt. In case folder /okm:root/destination/test not exists OpenKM will create automatically with correct grants.

Fastaction 003.png