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OpenKM integrates with joomla which allows to browse OpenKM repository.


Login into Joomla administration and register OpenKM joomla explorer extension.

Okm user guide 335.png


Open OpenKM Configuration menu option into menu components.

Okm user guide 336.png

Add new OpenKM connection.

Okm user guide 337.png

Fill form parameters:

  • OpenKM user credentials;
  • Indicate public or private access ( in case private you should write password )
Okm user guide 338.png

Configure visible columns

Okm user guide 339.png

Test connection.

Okm user guide 340.png

Go to joomla menu administration.

Okm user guide 341.png

  • Add new menu.
  • Select OpenKM file Browser menu type.

Okm user guide 342.png

  • Set the menu name
  • Go to configuration parameteres and select from the list the OpenKM configuration to be showed in this menu option.

Okm user guide 343.png

Joomla explorer

Public table

Okm user guide 344.png

Private table

To access private section is needed to introduce password.

Okm user guide 345.png

If password is correct can browser across OpenKM repository.

Okm user guide 346.png


There're two kind of search, simple and advanced. In search simple only can search by content.

Okm user guide 347.png

Cuando se realiza la busqueda nos muestra otra pantalla para hacer una busqueda avanzada en esta pantalla podemos descargar los documentos.

Okm user guide 348.png

En la busqueda avanzada tenemos varios campos para realizar las busquedas.

Okm user guide 349.png

este es un ejemplo de una busqueda avanzada donde la busqueda incluye documentos y carpetas.

Okm user guide 350.png