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Google Docs is a online, free word processing with Google documents, where can create and share documents on the web and access them from any computer or smart phone. The familiar desktop feel makes collaborative editing easy.

When you enable the Google Docs Extension you will see a new entry in the Tools menu. This submenu has a couple of entries to edit text documents, sheets, presentations, create new documents or import/export from Google docs.

Google docs 001.png

Google Docs option will be avaible when you select a document of these types:

  • Edit: The supported formats are csv", "doc", "docx", "html", "htm", "ods", "odt", "pdf", "ppt", "pps", "rtf", "sxw", "tsv", "tab", "txt", "xls", "xlsx"
  • Create new file: The supported formats are "doc", "txt", "odt", "rtf", "xls", "ods", "csv", "pptx"
  • Import from Google Docs
  • Export to Google Docs


Once you have selected the document, click on the Google docs menu option editor and will open a dialog where you can modify the document contents:

Google docs 002.png

Several users can edit the file at same time. If you click on editor button, you can add or remove google editors. Note that only the user who started the edition is able to cancel checkout or checkin the document.

Google docs 003.png

Nota clasica.png Editor are defined by gmail addresses, each time you add or revoke a editor grant Google Docs automatically sends a mail to the user.

If you click on cancel checkout button the document will be checkout in OpenKM repository and remote Google docs will be deleted.

If you click on checkin button the document will be checkin in OpenKM repository and remote Google docs will be deleted.

Create new file

Click on Google Docs menu option create new file will open a dialog where you should indicate the document name ( without extension ) and the file type:

Google docs 004.png

Click on button create and then will open a dialog where you can add document contents:

Google docs 005.png

Finally click on button create, the document will be checkin to OpenKM repository and deleted from Google Docs.

Import from Google Docs

Click on Google Docs menu option import file will open a dialog:

Google docs 006.png

Type at least tree characters to doing some query - filter - in Google Docs. Select some document and then make double click or select button import.

Nota clasica.png The selected document will be imported to OpenKM and converted to one of these available formats "doc", "txt", "odt", "pdf", "png", "rtf", "html", "zip", "pptx", "swf", "xls", "ods", "csv", "tsv". If conversion is not possible will be imported in the same Google docs mime-type.

Export to Google Docs

Select some file. Click on Google Docs menu option export file will open a dialog:

Google docs 007.png

Click on button accept and the document will be created in the Google Docs account.

Nota advertencia.png For security reasons any document created or edited from OpenKM using Google docs integration is definitive deleted from Google Docs, after edition or creation. Each document created temporary in Google Docs has security restrictions to be only available to Google Docs account owner.

Nota advertencia.png Comunications between Google Docs and OpenKM uses always the secure https protocol.