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Folder Style allow to change the folder icon.

OpenKM take in consideration Folder style icon in concordance of folder status. For each folder status can be set a distinct icon.

Nota clasica.png Folder Style assigned to a folder can be changed by user or automatically by some OpenKM logic.

Available folder status:

  • Read-only with children icon
  • Read-only with subscription icon
  • Read-only with children and subscription icon
  • Read-write icon
  • Read-write with children icon
  • Read-write with subscription icon
  • Read-write with children and subscription icon

Okm user guide 495.png

To change Folder Style icon show folder properties:

Okm user guide 496.png

Click on Folder style.png folder style icon

Okm user guide 497.png

Select a Folder Style and click accept button.