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Document expiration is a notification system alert which can be used to advice users nearly document expiration and expired documents. Notification messages can be configured by administration parameters.

Document expiration is based in metadata, crontab features and report features.


In configuration properties can be defined several parameters, for example, days to expiration alert or mail text message.

Document expiration 004.png


Document expiration has this metadata definition:

Document expiration 002.png

Document expiration metadata state has tree values:

  • Notification
  • Valid
  • Expired

Notification indicates document is pending send mail to users indicating new document with expiration dates. Valid indicates the document is valid. Expired indicates the document has been expired.

Each state can have sevaral notification groups. Each notification group can has one or more users. Which user groups configuration from administration can be defined any type of associations grouping users.


There are three crontab task:

Document expiration 001.png

  • Crontab InitialNotificationation.jar task is used to send notification to user groups linked with notify select multiple.
  • Crontab AlertExpirationNotificationation.jar task is used to send notification to user groups linked with notify nearly expiration select multiple.
  • Crontab ExpirationNotificationation.jar task task is used to send notification to user groups linked with notify expiration select multiple.


There are three reports, valid, pending to expiration and expired document reports.

Administration reports view

Document expiration 003.png

Front end reporting menus

Document expiration 005.png

Document expiration 006.png