Digital Signature Client

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Digital Signature Clients allows to sign - digital signature - documents to OpenKM.

Okm user guide 487.png


With File / Configuration menu option is shown the configuration Popup.

Configuration parameters available are:

  • OpenKM version which client connects to.
  • User interface language
  • User and password to connect
  • The OpenKM server host

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To accept configuration parameters changes, click in Accept button.

Sign documents

To sign documents, select some files or folders with files into and drag to Digital Signature Client.

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Will be shown a Popup to indicate the certicate which will be used to sign documents. Select a certificate and click Accept button.

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Then will be shown a navigator windows to select signed documents destination. Select some folder with write acces allowed for your user and click Sign button.

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If Digital Signature Client detect an existing document with same name into OpenKM will show a Popup Window to indicate if the file must be updated or skiped.

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Information about signing and uploading process is shown in Digital Signature Client table.

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In My Documents/OpenKM there's a file log called DigitalSignature.log.

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