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OpenKM Desktop Sync client allows desktop users sinchronize folders and files between OpenKM server and local computer.

Systray icon

When OpenKM Desktop Sync client is running there's available application icon at systray:

Okm user guide 473.png

Right click in the icon and appears contextual menu with some options.

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Available menu option:

  • Open desktop sync app
  • Start daemon
  • Stop daemon
  • Open configuration
  • Exit application


Open menu System and click in Configuration menu option:

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Configuration parameters :

  • Desktop sync local folder which contains all sinchronized OpenKM folders.
  • Server URL (take care of the context because is case sensitive)
  • Username and password
  • Optionally you can restrict not allowed file extensions.


Checkout option should be used to sync exiting OpenKM folder to local computer. Goto Tools menu and select option Checkout.

Okm user guide 475.png

Will be shown a popup to browser across OpenKM folders structure, select one and click on Accept button:

Okm user guide 476.png

OpenKM Desktop sync client will synchronize remote OpenKM folder structure and files to your local computer.

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With OpenKM Desktop Sync client can be imported and synchronized at same time, local folders structures not present in OpenKM. Goto menu Tools and click option Import.

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Will be shown a popup to select local folder:

Okm user guide 481.png

Click Accept button, and then the data of the folder will be copyed to your local folder sync location.

Okm user guide 482.png

Right click in new folder sync row and select Sync OpenKM (commit) option:

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Will be shown a popup with OpenKM server folder, select the destination folder where you want to import data and click Accept button.

Okm user guide 484.png

Okm user guide 485.png

Automatic or manual synchronization

OpenKM Desktop Sync can automatically or on demand synchronize OpenKM folders. Automatic or manual can be changed from general view.

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Right click on synch row will show a contextual menu:

Okm user guide 479.png

Available options are:

  • Sync folder (update). Get changes from remote OpenKM server.
  • Sync OpenKM (commit). Update local changes to OpenKM server.
  • Conflict resolution. Try to solve conflicts, sometimes need human intervention.
  • Delete. To remove some configuration.
  • Configuration. Show specific configuration for each folder.

Okm user guide 480.png

Nota clasica.png Refresh indicates time period which OpenKM is looking for new updates from remote OpenKM server or send local changes. We suggest use middle or great refreshing time values, specially if are synchronizing middle or great size folders. Take advantage in these cases of manual checkout and commit feature to be respectuous with your OpenKM server.


By default OpenKM Desktop Sync client daemon starts when application is executed. At menu System there're available two option to start or stop daemon.

Okm user guide 472.png


Open menu System and click show log:

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