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{{TOCright}} __TOC__
{{TOCright}} __TOC__
== v6.3.2 - Robot ==
* Fix error with language terms which are not updated from administration view
* Fix error in translation list is shown in administration view ( before the list always was empty )
* Fix add property group disabled when leaving the desktop
* Extend FormElementComplex by Separator
* Fix nodeId no valid parameter if using PropertyGroupService.getGroups
* Append version to the filename with extracting or getting pdf
* Fix problem parsing external DTD
* Improve search by sentence
* Fix error in search: max clauses reached
* Fix JSON not working on REST API
* Fix error importing MSG mail with null headers
* Fix tab bar has incorrect height for big size styles
* Allow OpenKM to extract text from encrypted PDF files.
* Solve problem when creating documents from templates
== v6.3.1 - Pumpkin ==
== v6.3.1 - Pumpkin ==

Latest revision as of 14:06, 19 October 2016

v6.3.2 - Robot

  • Fix error with language terms which are not updated from administration view
  • Fix error in translation list is shown in administration view ( before the list always was empty )
  • Fix add property group disabled when leaving the desktop
  • Extend FormElementComplex by Separator
  • Fix nodeId no valid parameter if using PropertyGroupService.getGroups
  • Append version to the filename with extracting or getting pdf
  • Fix problem parsing external DTD
  • Improve search by sentence
  • Fix error in search: max clauses reached
  • Fix JSON not working on REST API
  • Fix error importing MSG mail with null headers
  • Fix tab bar has incorrect height for big size styles
  • Allow OpenKM to extract text from encrypted PDF files.
  • Solve problem when creating documents from templates

v6.3.1 - Pumpkin

  • Fix error when mapping SuggestBox in workflow forms
  • Automation "Revoke all users" not working when preserverCreator is false
  • TextExtraction hangs
  • Loop in PngTextExtractor in Apache JackRabbit
  • Print button is not showing right title
  • A checked-out document shouldn't be unlocked
  • Show better information in file browser table about from mail account. Now take in consideration more cases.
  • Bug on changing security from UI. An specific security modification steps can cause wrong security changes or UI error.
  • Problem with Unicode character into XML REST response
  • Restore with UUIDs not working on import
  • Error when modifying default roles in applicationContext.xml
  • Be able to execute SQL, HQL and BeanShell from WebServices
  • Invalid token are not detected in SOAP webservices
  • Change quirks mode to doctype ( solve some IE problems )
  • Improvements in repository export
  • Improve PDF text extraction
  • Set Tesseract as default OCR engine
  • Correct several Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities
  • When login WS are not checking if /okm:trash exists
  • Some methods fails in REST on version 6.2
  • Downloaded Greek docs with wrong name when using IE
  • Improve repository export & import logging
  • Solve problem with webdav URL and character &
  • REST serialization problem with Document object
  • Validators are empty from rest service
  • Select options now can be loaded from classes
  • Improve pre-visualization auto-configuration
  • Improved simple search
  • Fixed problem with Turkish language
  • Add trailing "/" when upgrade to Tomcat 8
  • Fixed problem with property group multiple
  • Fixed problem when importing mail with very long subject
  • Some mail server can't sent an email if the from field does not match the authenticated user

v6.3.0 - Serpico

  • Metadata browsing
  • Document listing paginated and filtered (by type, name, etc.)
  • Different splitter resize schemas
  • Choose default start workspace
  • Massive actions when adding metadata, keywords and categories
  • Better Chrome and IExplorer support
  • Released extensions: Workflow properties, OpenMeetings and Zoho integration
  • Forward imported mail
  • Improved bulk uploader
  • Document conversion
  • Merge PDF documents
  • Able to select default file browser width
  • Improved Windows service installation
  • Increase major / minor document version
  • Change login page logo
  • Improved mail importer
  • CMIS support
  • New RESTful web services API (v1.0)
  • New SOAP web services (v1.0)
  • New Automation actions and events (document update, mail creation, etc.)
  • Lots of bug fixes and several performance improvements

v6.2.5 - Sausage

  • Release date: 15/10/2013
  • Remove obsolete JBoss stuff
  • Fixed error when search by path using webservices
  • Problems when included separator or text properties in templates
  • Misc fixes and improvements

v6.2.4 - Powder

  • Release date: 18/06/2013
  • Fixed problems with mixed security users and roles
  • Improved mail import / export
  • Fixed problem after folder creation
  • Integrate OMR
  • Dropbox integration
  • Misc fixes and improvements

v6.2.3 - Plectro

  • Release date: 04/04/2013
  • Fixed problems with email search
  • Improve chinese support in notifications
  • Improve handling of non UTF-8 files
  • Fixed reported security issues
  • Fixed preview resizing problem
  • Fixed problem with Chrome and document notes
  • Misc fixes and improvements

v6.2.2 - Maya

  • Release date: 07/01/2013
  • Misc search improvements
  • Manage maintenance task from crontab
  • Automation path should use folder UUID
  • Error when mail to import has null subject
  • Error when storing extracted text in MySQL
  • Massive checkout/download/cancel checkout implementation
  • Improve import / export compatibility between OpenKM 5.1 and 6.2

v6.2.1 - BBQ

  • Release date: 19/11/2012
  • Fix database initial data creation
  • Evaluate profiles before loading okm:root nodes
  • Result ordering bug
  • Ordering in taxonomy is not maintaining on refresh
  • Error when importing mail with two attachments with the same name
  • Automatic password retrieval
  • Avoid PDF template multiple field limitation
  • Several other fix and enhancements

v6.2.0 - Renaissance

  • Release date: 09/10/2012
  • New database storage schema
  • New webservice API
  • Massive actions
  • Improvements in LDAP
  • Improvements in WebDAV
  • Improved document conversion
  • Document upload enhancements
  • Several other fix and enhancements

v5.1.10 - Tower Power

  • Release date: 18/06/2012
  • Trash purge error fixed
  • Hide bottom icon depending profile values
  • Fixed export error
  • Improve TIFF to PDF conversion
  • Hide workflow process instance variables
  • Notes enabled in folder and mail
  • Timeout in command line execution
  • Improved uploader usability
  • Ask confirmation when removing a category or keyword
  • Show username in place of user id
  • Drag & drop improvements
  • Restrict workflows by profile
  • Association form name with the task name
  • Fix for recursively change security if add notes to directory

v5.1.9 - Crisis

  • Release date: 01/02/2012
  • User quotas in MB
  • Any user with the AdminRole should be able to unlock documents
  • OpenKM doesn't index the message body
  • Chatroom inconsistence
  • Make PDF text extraction OCR works with Tesseract
  • Refresh not working
  • Improved web services compatibility
  • Check for node lock status when subscribing
  • Confirmation dialog when deleting a note
  • pdf2swf configurable parameters
  • XSRF issues
  • Improved Oracle10g support
  • Cannot recursively change security if add notes to directory
  • Repository Export/Import folder choose dialog doesn't have sort order
  • Several corrections and enhancements

v5.1.8-2 - Azrael

  • Release date: 04/01/2012
  • Fixed XSRF issues

v5.1.8 - Smurf

  • Release date: 01/12/2011
  • Fixed deletion problem when have notes
  • Fixed Java File Uploader applet - Peer not authenticated
  • HTTPS download from IExplorer now works
  • Fix misplaced progress dialog
  • Need to specify REFERRAL in LDAP configuration
  • Encoded HTML entities when show OpenKM configuration
  • Solved WebDAV misc problems
  • Improve FormElement handling in Workflow comparator
  • Chat enabled by default
  • Prevent NPE at WorkspaceServlet
  • Enable multipage scanning
  • Fixed several database query issues
  • Use FreeMarker expressions in PDF templates
  • Write document metadata on export
  • Added support for Abby OCR
  • Added Autocad to PDF conversion
  • Several improvements in administration

v5.1.7 - Po

  • Release date: 14/07/2011
  • Improve Oracle10g (again)
  • Show database metadata in administration
  • Forum serialization problems
  • Create form template does not include metadata

v5.1.6 - Cars

  • Release date: 27/06/2011
  • Improve Oracle10g and SQL Server support
  • Improve reports
  • User mail in dashboard does not show any imported mail (fixed)
  • Improve database metadata performance
  • Stamp fails when document has no extension
  • Improve thread concurrency
  • Fix forum extension field limitation
  • Implement SuggestBox as PropertyGroup form element
  • Property group element as read-only

v5.1.5 - Hope

  • Release date: 25/05/2011
  • Create database metadata
  • Preview does not refresh when restoring version
  • General administration improvements

v5.1.4 - Mistery

  • Release date: 23/05/2011
  • Add support for Simple Google style query
  • Fix user configuration dialog overflow
  • Several error in document note handling
  • General administration improvements

v5.1.3 - Boogie

  • Release date: 3/05/2011
  • Support crontab-like scheduled tasks
  • Notes also in folders
  • Make application logo configurable
  • Handle mime types in database
  • Document stamping (extension)
  • Remote document conversion
  • Support for encrypted documents
  • Add support for Tesseact 3 OCR
  • Add support for Cuneiform OCR
  • Improved OCR with dictionary
  • Improved PDF text extraction
  • Enhanced Oracle compatibility
  • Normalize database table definitions
  • Create PDF documents from template
  • Implement document generation template engine
  • Reports with parameters
  • Improved text extraction
  • New forum extension
  • New messaging extension
  • See detailed changelog at:

Nota clasica.png This version is currently under testing and no migration process from 5.0.x branch is documented.

v5.0.4 - Painless

  • Release date: 7/04/2011
  • Improved LDAP support
  • Fixed problem with ALT+Q
  • Add POP3S in mail importer
  • Error when importing a ZIP with more ZIPs inside
  • See detailed changelog at http://issues.openkm.com/.

v5.0.3 - Behemot

  • Release date: 11/03/2011
  • Improve WebDAV compatibility
  • Fix for error searching with ""
  • Fix WebService PropertyGroup.setProperties method
  • Uploader applet don't need to be fixed :)
  • See detailed changelog at http://issues.openkm.com/.

v5.0.2 - Valentine

  • Release date: 14/02/2011
  • Fix uploader applet (once again)
  • Fix for updated property group definition
  • Add configuration parameter to disable user permissions on new document
  • See detailed changelog at http://issues.openkm.com/.

v5.0.1 - Minion

  • Release date: 25/01/2011
  • Improved document conversion
  • Fix max upload file size limit
  • Fix uploader applet (again)
  • Now you can disable file name check in document check-in
  • Some minor fix and improvements
  • See detailed changelog at http://issues.openkm.com/.

v5.0 - Megamind

  • Release date: 09/12/2010
  • Improved support for Oracle
  • Fix support for PostgreSQL
  • Send document as attachment
  • Fix uploader applet
  • Lots of minor fix and improvements
  • See detailed changelog at http://issues.openkm.com/.

v5.0 RC1

  • Release date: 16/11/2010
  • Fixed search date range issue.
  • Missing login action activity record.
  • Profile does not store create folder visibility.
  • Oracle entities limited to 30 chars
  • Document categories representation
  • Expose OKMProperty (and others) methods by webservices
  • Fix hibernate support for PostgreSQL

v5.0 Beta

  • Release date: 04/10/2010
  • Manage (start/stop/restart) OpenOffice.org instances automatically.
  • Centralize file previsualization.
  • Core performance improvements.
  • Improved support for Explorer and Chrome.
  • Support for document categories.
  • Thesaurus with automatic document keyword extraction.
  • RSS syndication for user news.
  • Database independence layer by Hibernate.
  • Improve copy to clipboard using flash.
  • Permission to manage deletion of document.
  • Added Categories view.
  • More complete administration.
  • User profiles where you can configure all UI interface ( show / hide ).
  • Automatic mail importing to some OpenKM folder with filters.
  • Added pop3 mail import support.
  • Some changes in webservices API.
  • New Microsoft Office Add In for OpenKM 5.0 ( older are not compatible with this version)
  • Upgraded UI to GWT 2.0.4 version that provides better performance in last browser versions.
  • Configurable wizard when uploading new file ( configuration at profiles in administration )
  • Administrator can unlock, cancel checkout any locked document.
  • Advanced filters ( users / roles now can be filtered to selection )
  • Upgraded to recent Jackrabbit version.
  • Multiuser login. ( The same user can be logged several times at same time )
  • Configurable refreshing schedulers ( keepalive and dashboard )
  • Added drag & drop files from user desktop ( can be files or folder )
  • User quota ( configuration at profiles in administration )
  • New preview documents ( now can select with zviewer or flexpaper )
  • Integrated preview ( all files type are previewed in same panel )
  • Workflow webservices.
  • Added new metadata types ( date, link, OpenKM folder )
  • Added hidden metadata ( used by automatic process and workflows )
  • More configurable reporting system.
  • Slaping extension ( only available to supported installations )
  • Secure download button extension ( only avaialble to supported installations )
  • New plugin architecture making OpenKM extensible ( between version )
  • See detailed changelog at http://issues.openkm.com/.

v4.1 - Void

  • Release date: 03/05/2010
  • isValid method not exposed
  • Preview fails with RFT documents
  • Create property to change reading IMAP timing cycle
  • Language selection in login page
  • Support for workflow pooled actors
  • Fixed maximun user logged limitation error
  • Fixed document to PDF conversion in mobile
  • Fixed error importing archive from .zip file
  • Unicode files in exported zip works fine
  • Corrected text to PDF conversion (also affect preview)
  • Support for MS Office 2007 documents in preview
  • Users subscribed to a document also are notified when a note is added
  • Improved MySQL support
  • Date in 24h format


  • Release date: 12/04/2010
  • Mail notification messages with a real template engine (Velocity)
  • New XML format to describe Property Groups
  • Enhanced task form definition in workflow
  • New administration with amazing functionalities
  • Improved MySQL database configuration
  • There is also a preview of the Outlook plugin to import mails into OpenKM
  • Several bug corrections and performance enhancements

v4.0 - Kripton

  • Release date: 16/12/2009
  • Mail indexing
  • Keyword cloud
  • Scan document from web client (TWAIN / SANE)
  • Document preview
  • New dashboard funtionalities
  • More funcionalities in search view
  • New LDAP configuration
  • Improved performance
  • More language translations
  • Tons of bug fixed :)

v3.0 - Fry

  • Release date: 25/11/2008
  • Users can add notes to documents
  • Dashboard with repository activity information
  • You can upload any type of document by default
  • Visual enhancements in login page
  • Changed "system" user to "admin" because of Active Directory authentification issues
  • Download document as PDF (this only work with document types readables by OpenOffice)
  • Repository size used by user shown in status bar
  • Embeded JW FLV media player for viewing FLV and MP3 files
  • Embeded image viewer for JPEG, PNG and GIF files
  • Backoffice for user administration
  • Support for Java Generics (JDK 1.5)
  • Workflow
  • WebDav
  • More language translations
  • Dashboard
  • Reporting ( jasper reports )
  • User push search service
  • Lots of bugs fixed

v2.0 - Zoidberg

  • Release date: 08/05/2008
  • Change default user/roles/emails files location for JBoss compatibility, they are now in $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/conf/props/openkm-*
  • Client debug console added
  • UUID added to document and folder bean
  • Important security bug fixed in export facility
  • New mime types (video/x-flv, audio/x-ogg, audio/mpeg and Office 2007 files)
  • Galician translation added
  • Improved session handling
  • Weird bug on add / remove grants resolved
  • New advanced search options, now you can search by author and mofication date
  • New send link document
  • Support for version comments added
  • Shows subscribed users
  • New scroll table widget added
  • Dowload folder as zip
  • Massive file uploaded in a zip file
  • Personal documents
  • Support for document templates
  • Search on taxonomy, trash, my documents, and templates
  • Keyshortcuts ( CTRL+C, CTRL+X, CTRL+V, SUPR, INS, CTRL+N, CTRL+B, CTRL+Z )
  • Upgrade to Jackrabbit 1.3.3
  • Upgrade to GWT 1.4.61
  • Italian translation added
  • Lots of bugs fixed and some code improvements
  • Now all JSP compile :)
  • Now you can't delete a folder which have readonly nodes (documents or folders) because you can't purgue the trash
  • Enhanced folder copy
  • Fixed bug in toolbar refreshing
  • ArgoUML MIME type added
  • Java properties MIME type added

v1.2 - Leela

  • Release date: 01/11/2007
  • New languages: Farsi and German.
  • Updated to GWT 1.4 version (Speed improvements).
  • Upgraded to Jackrabbit 1.3.1 version.
  • Subscription to folders or documents. Now users receive automatic notifications by mail when any document is changed or added.
  • Folder colour change when user is subscribed.
  • Users can notify uploads to others users when adding new document.
  • Documents history purge to save space.
  • Added folder / document bookmark facility.
  • Set default user home.
  • Avoiding some proxy problems
  • Added text area and multiple select on document properties.
  • Alerts users when a new version is available.
  • Now imports and exports a folder structure to the server filesystem.
  • Firefox minor cursor bug corrected on some inputs.
  • Several bugs fixed.

v1.1 - Bender

  • Release date: 25/04/2007
  • Document parameterization. Now documents can be parametrized using user-configurable lists and inputs by property files ( multi-language ) using the property group concept (grouped properties ).
  • Drag & drop. Folders and files can be moved either to the directory tree structure or folders from directory tree to directory tree.
  • Search improvements, now multiple values are allowed on the same query. Score added to results and pagination. Parameterization values added to search.
  • New icons for new format files ( mime-types ).
  • Updated to Jackrabbit 1.2.2 version.
  • Updated to GWT 1.3.3 version.
  • Better error handling.
  • Some graphics enhancements, menus and tabpanels.
  • Webservices API modified to enable new searching options. Although old methods are still maintained, upgrading to the new ones is recommended.
  • Developers' guide added.
  • Easter eggs added.
  • Several bugs fixed.

v1.0 - Floppy The Dog

  • Release date: 29/01/2007
  • Initial OpenKM release.
  • Language autodetection (based on browser settings).
  • Dutch translation (thanks to Philippe Vervoort).
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation added (thanks to heindrickson).
  • Now you can change permissions recursively.
  • Some visual improvements.
  • Added links to the "About" menu.
  • User action login.
  • You don't lose the session if the OpenKM page is open.
  • Close button in upload dialog is disabled during process.
  • Now there is a confirm dialog for dangerous actions like document deletion.
  • Folders where you cannot write are shown in red.