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Nota clasica.png All DLL have been compiled for net 2.0 that should ensure go with any upper .net version

Nota clasica.png If you want to collaborate extending features lib or add newer contact with us at contact website form indicating this url.

OpenKM SDK for .NET are a set of software developement tools that allows for the creation of application for OpenKM. The OpenKM SDK for .NET include tree main libraries Webservice, Utilities and Form. Webservices library is a complete api layer to access OpenKM with webservices what provide complete compatibility between webservices versions without change code. Util library are a set of methods that can be useful to use in application code. Form library are a set of Windows forms what can be used directly in new .Net Windows Forms application.

Take a look at .NET SDK Changelog to see release notes.

Available c# ( C Sharp ) DLL

Available versions

Version Compatibility
OpenKM professional 6.4.18+

Webservices based on REST

Older community and professional

Webservices based on SOA