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Nota clasica.png If you want to collaborate extending features or add newer, please contact with us at contact website form indicating this URL.

Take a look at Java SDK Changelog to see release notes.

Available versions

Version Compatibility
SDK for Java 2.3 6.4.20+ Professional
SDK for Java 2.2 6.4.18+ Professional
SDK for Java 2.1 6.4.x Professional
SDK for Java 2.0 (Deprecated) 6.4.x Professional
SDK for Java 1.1 6.2.x Professional & 6.3.x Community
SDK for Java 1.0 (Deprecated) 6.2.x Professional & 6.3.x Community
Java SDK (Deprecated) Older profesional 6.2.x & professional 6.4.x

Nota advertencia.png We've decided create SDK version based on its own SDK number version not based on SDK OpenKM supported version. For this reason we consider first version JAVA_SDK as deprecated.