OpenOffice configuration issues

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Set these properties:

  • system.openoffice.path

You don't need to set these properties:

  • system.openoffice.port
  • system.openoffice.tasks

You should not set this property:

  • system.openoffice.server

Inside the path define at system.openoffice.path you should see a directory called program, where can see soffice.bin file. This file is used by OpenKM to start the OpenOffice / LibreOffice service.

Nota idea.png First of all, ensure the problem is the OpenOffice / LibreOffice configuration trying a document to PDF conversion from OpenKM. Select a Office / OpenOffice document and click in the "Download as PDF" toolbar button.

OpenOffice / LibreOffice service by default listen at port 2002. If you have this port occuped by another application or service, use the configuration option to select another one. Keep on mind that in Linux / Unix system only user root can attach a program to a port number below 1024.

As reported by vkasgpta, LogMeIn uses the same 2002 port so this will conflict with the OpenOffice / LibreOffice service. See Anyone with a working previewer in Windows? forum thread for more info.

If you have a OpenOffice / LibreOffice instance running when you start JBoss / OpenKM, the service won't start properly and when you close your OpenOffice / LibreOffice instance you would not use it to convert an MS Office / OpenOffice document to PDF, or generate a document preview.