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This is an easy and powerful way for building custom properties. You can use this feature to add information to documents. For example, if you store the invoices in a folder you can add a property group to set the client name and the quantity. You will see this important data without opening the documents. Also you can search by these custom properties later.

Nota idea.png Refer to Property Groups definition where you can see the new way to describe Property Groups.

By default sample Property Groups are bundle with your OpenKM installation. If you don't see these Property Groups, click in the Register property groups button to register them.

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You can also add, remove or modify these Property Groups editing the PropertyGroups.xml definition file with your preferred editor or directly from OpenKM Administration if you click in the Edit property groups button. Once edited you need to register them again.

Edit Property Group.png

The users can assign a property group to a document using these toolbar buttons:

  • Add property group → Add property group.gif
  • Remove property group → Remove property group.gif

And the properties will be shown in the information area. You can edit the values of the properties using the Change button. Then you can change these values. You can also remove a property group from a document by clicking the Delete button.

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OpenKM 5.1

To try this, login as okmAdmin and go to Administration → Utilities → Register property groups. Set full path with the location of the local file PropertyGroups.cnd and click on the register button. The properties will be registered.

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Nota advertencia.png REGISTERED GROUPS CANNOT NOT BE UNREGISTERED. They can always be updated but they cannot be deleted after registration !!! Try it out on a test installation first.

OpenKM 4.0 and older

You need to create some file, for example PropertyGroup.cnd and insert some values in two other files and

  • $JBOSS_HOME/PropertyGroup.cnd

About files:

  • PropertyGroup.cnd: There are general definitions on each parameter (for example the parameter okp:technology.type)
<okm = ''>
<okg = ''>
<okp = ''>

[okg:technology] mixin
- okp:technology.type (string) = '' multiple autocreated
- okp:technology.language (string) = '' autocreated
- okp:technology.description (string) = '' autocreated
- okp:technology.comment (string) = '' autocreated

[okg:consulting] mixin
- okp:consulting.type (string) = '' autocreated
- okp:consulting.comment (string) = '' autocreated
  • In this file you can see the property values, for example for parameter (okp\:technology.type=4,one,two,three) has 3 values (one, two, three) the first number indicates the order, the second one the type (1 = list, 2 = input, 3 = select multiple, 4 = Text area)
  • This file contains general translations for each value. You can have more files for each language like etc.
okp\ One
okp\:technology.type.two=Type Two
okp\:technology.type.three=Type Three
okp\ One
okp\:consulting.type.two=Type Two
okp\:consulting.type.three=Type Three

OpenKM tries to find the correct language in your property files. If it does not exist it uses