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OpenKM integrates HTML editor. Include special buttons checkin, cancel checkin, link document and folders, search document and folders and language highlighting.

OpenKM icons:

  • Checkin.gif to save changes.
  • Cancel checkout.gif to cancel edition without saving changes.
  • Document find.png to link some OpenKM document.
  • Folder find.gif to link some OpenKM folder.
  • Codehighlight.png to insert highligting code.

Create new HTML document

HTML documents are created from templates, should be uploaded some documents at templates.

Go to menu, select templates, browser to some html document meny option and click.

Okm user guide 318.png

Change name, select optional options and click on create button.

Okm user guide 319.png

Document will be created.

Okm user guide 320.png

Edit HTML document

Select HTML document and click on Checkout.gif edit icon. Will be shown the HTML popup editor.

Okm user guide 317.png

Write changes and click Checkin.gif Checkin icon to confirm changes.

Nota clasica.png if you want to cancel changes click Cancel checkout.gif cancel checkout icon.

Add document link

Click on Document find.png find document icon. Will be shown the search document popup.

Okm user guide 321.png

Select a document and click Add link button.

Okm user guide 322.png

Add folder link

Click on Folder find.gif find folder icon. Will be shown the search folder popup.

Okm user guide 323.png

Select a folder and click Add link button.

Okm user guide 324.png

Highligh code

click on Codehighlight.png highlight code icon. Will be shown the highlight code popup.

Okm user guide 325.png

Select the language. Copy code and click on insert button.

Your code will be shown on yellow box.

Okm user guide 326.png

But on preview document will be shown highlighted.

Okm user guide 327.png