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With DICOM preview can be shown medical images. DICOM preview allows manipulate images from anywhere as easy as surfing Internet with zero training.


  • DicomInfo.png Toggle DICOM overlay display on and off.
  • TagWindow.png Popup a DICOM tag window.
  • Distance.png Measure the distance of two points.
  • EllipseArea.png Measure the area of an ellipse shape.
  • Angle.png Measure an angle.
  • DicomDelete.png Remove all measures.
  • LeftRotate.png Left rotation.
  • RightRotate.png Right rotation.
  • HorizontalFlip.png Horizontal flip.
  • VerticalFlip.png Vertical flip.
  • Invert.png Invert grayscale or color.
  • WindowLevel.png Adjust window center and width for brightness and contrast.
  • Zoom.png Zoom or pan when the Shift key pressed
  • Pan.png Pan or zoom when the Shift key pressed.
  • Magnifier.png Magnifier.
  • Reset.png Reset back to default.
  • Cine.png Turn on or off cine mode.
  • Help.png About

Features description

  • The Window Center/Width feature will be disabled in cine mode or for color images.
  • Distance, Area, Angle and Delete Measure buttons will be disabled in cine mode.
  • The Cine feature is available only when there is more than one image and the display layout is in single view mode.
  • Single clicking one of tiled images to select it and double clicking one of tiled images to bring it up from multiple view into single view mode. Double clicking the single view again will restore the previous multiple view mode.
  • The mouse middle wheel can control the forward and backward navigation.

Default DICOM preview

Okm user guide 351.png

Pan or Zoom

Okm user guide 352.png

Area, distance, angle

Okm user guide 353.png

Several images

Okm user guide 354.png